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Rosalind Panda

Rosalind is from Odisha, India. She is in the USA since 2007 and currently based in New York. Ms. Rosalind initially studied computer science at Fakir Mohan University in India, from which she obtained an associate’s degree in 2001. Following this accomplishment, she continued her education at Utkal University, from which she earned a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems in 2005, and at the Odisha Computer Academy, where she completed postgraduate coursework in computer applications from 2005 to 2006. Ms. Rosalind subsequently concluded her academic efforts at Foothill College in Los Altos Hill, California, from which she graduated with an associate’s degree in computer information systems in 2013.

Among her career accomplishments, Ms. Panda is proud to have received numerous awards from her local chapter of Rotary International. she is a brown belt in mixed martial arts, Taekwondo. She is an expert at playing the musical instrument called Harmonium. She composes songs, gives the music, and sings the songs. In addition, she has received recognition in Indian classical music. Looking toward the future, she hopes to contribute her artwork to various charitable functions and auctions and to achieve greater recognition for her aptitude as an oil painter and a global fine art artist. She has specialized in literature, mathematics, science, and computer science during her college education.

Global Business Leader, Oil Painting Artist

Rosalind is considered one of the leading global minds and visionary in Art, Technology and business. Known as Rosalind Panda she is described as one of the most forward thinkers in business.

Rosalind is an entrepreneur at heart. She is helping fortune 1000 organization leveraging IT consulting, Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence Implementation.  As the founder of Oqulus Tech LLC her AI and Cybersecurity platform development and advisory firm offer services in multiple jurisdictions in US, Europe, Asia, Middle East and on different domains: finance, retail, real estate, Education and others.


In addition to her stellar efforts in this capacity, she served as the CEO of Rosalind Constructions since 2019, with which she utilized CAD-based 3D modeling technology to offer construction companies and architecture firms with the tools to visualize complete projects. Newly, into her business space, she added a cryptocurrency called ROVA” Token. With the base of ROVA, she is building an eco-system that pays back to the humanity where it spends. Ms. Panda had previously worked as a software developer for numerous companies since 2014, including Google Inc, UnitedHealth Group, Dell Technologies, AutoZone, Tier1 Inc, Blue Shield California, Thermo fisher Scientific, True Image Interactive, Citi Bank, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Heartland Payment System, JB Hunt, Sapphire Digital and Belk etc.

As a part of her professional artist endeavors, Ms. Panda is an accomplished oil painting Artist, and has donated much of her work to such organizations as Google, Thermo Fisher Scientific and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, River Art Works. Specializing in the realms of abstract, landscape, impressionistic and contemporary art, she has likewise featured many of her pieces on her website, Rosalind Arts, since 2018. she has been internationally renowned for her  business acumen, her artworks, humanity has likewise been featured at the Agora Gallery in New York City, and on her website, Rosalind Arts, since 2018. Additionally, Ms. Panda was recruited as a member of the board for River Art Works, an art retreat in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is also very influential person in NFT Community.

She is also featured in the International Association of Women as an influencer and appeared as Top 10 CEO’s of 2022 on NY Weekly. And also has received accolades from Marquis who is Who in America for her incredible contribution to Art and technology growth in the community.

She uses her open heart and mind to create several styles of artwork in categories such as Realistic, Abstract, Landscape, Impressionistic, Modern, and Contemporary. She brings peace, love, and happiness to the world one painting at a time. She has been creating artworks since her childhood; She has been recognized in various art events through Rotary club International, art exhibitions, and competitions and got rewarded for her creativity, and public speaking. Since childhood, she has been creating oil paintings, and sketches, and contributing to the creative society. She has always been fascinated with nature and real-life events used to draw it in her art, which draws her inspiration to be an artist. She uses a combo of colors to create unique patterns and textures on stretched canvas.

Painting is something that comes naturally to her and she enjoys and is passionate about it. In addition, creating a piece of artwork is a part of her everyday life that fills her with enthusiasm. Every piece of her artistry represents her expressions in the form of colors, unique patterns, and designs. You can read the poems around her artworks written by her in the description area on each product details page on her website and can connect to the deep underlying meaning of them that relates to your life.

She is inspiring the world and empowering others through her oil paintings and creativity. You can feel connected to her paintings. Painting is something that keeps on reminding her that earth is such a beautiful creation and she just can’t stop mesmerizing by that and expresses it on canvas.
Oil paintings are assets and value to the buyer. It helps the person relive lives, moments, memories, and events. She has created a series of oil paintings and you can have a glimpse of her work in the gallery section. She also has created custom hand-painted greeting cards and has participated in the popup art events for River Art Works Organization. Her creations are colorful and vibrant. She is currently represented in a physical gallery in Agora Gallery, New York, and also digitally getting featured on their online gallery.

She has donated a number of her hand-painted oil painting greeting cards to River Art Works Organizations for the use of invitation cards to guests for the Fundraising Event that was held in 2021. She also has participated in several popup art events to promote art and technology advancement in certain areas. She owns the company Oqulus Tech LLC helping organizations with cyber security and Artificial intelligence implementations.

As part of her business journey, she founded constructions company known as Rosalind Constructions specializing in services such as Steel Detailing, connection design, architectural drawings, and Interior design services that help her clients to simplify project coordination, improve delivery schedules, and increase overall project quality.

Newly, into her business space, she added a cryptocurrency called “ROVA Token. With the base of ROVA, she is building an eco-system that pays back to the humanity where it spends. ROVA token can also be called as the future digital cash. The eco-system is entirely going to provide the utility to the world.

Rosalind Panda has received several awards and accolades in her diversified career of over 25 years since her childhood. She has efficiently worked with fortune 500 corporations/ Individual clients to help with their web and mobile application development, technology upgrade & migration, and support leading to their business growth. Her brand has been featured in the Top 10 Entrepreneurs in 2022. She has been featured for her business Oqulus Tech LLC in Forbes, USA Today, Brainz, INC magazine, Magic Image Hollywood,  New York weekly, CEO weekly, LA Wire, and US News. Issue magazine. Her art gallery Rosalind Arts  has been featured in New York Weekly, NY Voyage.

She has traveled the world to India, England, Mexico, Japan, China, USA. She studied in India and the USA, and speaks multiple languages. She has a significant contribution in the Information technology area as a technology evangelist as well. Being an individual of purpose in life she influences people around her by making a positive difference. She is passionate about helping others and utilizes her time to create artworks, and help clients and the community. She lives her dream by impacting people’s lives by adding value to them and by inspiring them to serve a greater purpose on earth.

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